Niche Markets

Venturing and capturing niche markets particularly the regional sector is where Nirmiti Graphics is deft at. Instead of trekking the beaten path, they pitched for areas that were diverse and untouched. Soon, it was fulfilling the communication needs of niche areas that needed special campaigns and skills. NGOs working for different projects lapped up what Nirmiti Graphics had to offer to them. Nobody knows niche markets the way they do!

Political Arena

Participation of advertising agencies in political communications has been low key. Nirmiti Graphics however has developed campaigns with local flavor and fervor getting into the mindset of its audiences. This reader could be the supporter or the opposition, from the media or the law or perhaps just an onlooker. Nirmiti initiated the concept of political election ads of simplicity with satire with statements that were focused and yet sensitive to public sentiment.

Social & Public Awareness Campaigns

Powerful messages backed by high impact visuals were deployed by Nirmiti Graphics in creating campaigns that had tremendous social responsibility value attached to it. Sometimes these issues could be out rightly bold or ignorantly neglected. NGO's that work and struggle for such causes, get a helping hand if the same is supported by masses. For this it is very crucial to create social awareness among people. The message should be loud and clear as well as it should not embarrass or offence anybody in particular. For instance an Aids campaign that stresses on the need of ‘to keep a promise' and the need ‘for safe sex’ has been conveyed with help of images and words as simple as it could be. A campaign on relief fund made an appeal that no help is small. While a simple picture of a girl, invites people to shape India's future by sponsoring a child.

Nirmiti is proud to be associated with such messages of public awareness. These campaigns are an introspection of our individual self and also our way of rendering back into society in whatever way we can, our contribution.

Co-Operative Field

Co-operative movement has been in the forefront of essential commodity areas like the Sugar Industry, Dairy Development & Milk Production. Nirmiti Graphics gave shape to their communications like no one had ever done before. Emphasizing on the reputation to familiarize the product to its new customers takes a well researched job of marketing the brand. Similarly it is necessary to familiarize the study giving it an emotional tinge for connectivity. Illustrating the routine image to that of a powerful brand recall tool was what Nirmiti Graphics did for many a successful co-operative story.


Writing for literary or music events is something we love to do. The journey of an artist could be mesmerizing when encased in words. For example the radio broadcasting of the epic Ramayana in form of an ode by the famous Marathi writer G. D. Madgulkar has been very popular in the literary circles for decades. Interpreting feelings, emotions and verses on paper to project exactly what they mean and inspire is an art that we hold close to our hearts.

Marketing Consultancy

Equipped with modern tools of marketing, Nirmiti Graphics has expanded its area of influence to Corporate Identity Development. Designed to attain business objectives, corporate identity is like giving your organization a persona of its own. This kind of branding clear target audience’s perception and thus enhances corporate image. Uniformity is the keyword in any corporate identity program. These guidelines preside over how the individuality of the company is applied and confirm approved colour palettes, typefaces, page layouts and other such methods of maintaining visual continuity and brand recognition across all physical manifestations of the brand. We design brochures, folders, posters, jackets, covers, calendars & packaging amidst others. Anything that helps you build your business, we can help you build it.