Nirmiti graphics offers solutions adapted from years of experience and bonded with refreshing new ideas. Nirmiti provides a bouquet of customer centric services which give out the scent of delight. We handle all your communication needs and handle them the right way. Simplicity or complexity, Nirmiti is at ease with both which gives our team the originative fragrance it carries. We offer complete advertising and marketing solutions which include.

Design Studio

Applied Art & Designing have been the core strength of Nirmiti Graphics around which it could interweave other activities that were complimentary to the growth of the enterprise.

A strong bias to excellence in graphics has resulted in Nirmiti Graphics coming up with unique design concepts. These involved using symbols with ethnic motifs, visual renditions that reflect the culture and ethos of India recognized in a global sign language. Symbols or brand equity give a separate identity to your business. Keeping in mind the clients USP, Nirmiti Graphics come up with advertising design that emanates the corporation innate; conceptualizing it with the local culture, considering this is a one time life-long investment that you make for your venture.


The transition from a design Studio to advertising was an extension of its roots. From generic campaign designers it moved on to become a full fledged advertising agency and has not looked back, since then. Nirmiti Graphics has been into creative Marathi advertising using the local culture to give out a global message.

Our campaigns are launched after the proper study of our clients profile, their market strength and that of their competitors. We have advertised for corporate, co-operative sectors, political parties and NGO's amidst others. Each field is with a more diverse need than the other and Nirmiti graphics have successfully catered and communicated smartly, at times subtly to the readers. Saying it with simplicity has been and will be our philosophy at all times.


Event advertising and planning has been another sector Nirmiti Graphics is apt at. This revolves around organizing events from grassroots level and taking that idea into its conceptualized form. Stage, light, invites, banners, hoardings…. you name it and we have delivered.